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The art of making prosecco

Prosecco Ballonera

The real Prosecco, maybe not everyone knows, is made of “Glera” grape and can be grown all over the world. The real difference is that the Prosecco denominated DOC is made of “Glera” grape grown in the territory of nine provinces in the north east of Italy, between Veneto and Friuli. The highlights of this production, selected by Ballonera, belongs only to the province of Treviso, where Prosecco takes on a particularly high qualitative expression. To enhance this quality, the DOCG and DOCG Superiore denominations are used. A high quality Prosecco can be recognized by small bubble, creamy foam, digestibility and a reduced sulphite content. Good Prosecco comes from the territory and from a unique formula, due to the experience of a competent winemaker who, in the case of Ballonera, represents an Italian excellence. Three unique Prosecco, Brut and Extra-Dry DOCG and Rosè Extra-Dry DOC, bubbles with a unique flavor and available on the online Ballonera store.