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An adorable and an ephemeral lie

Ballonera tells the story of an unbreakable bond from the city of Venice to the Terrin family. A Venetian family of experienced merchants that in time have learnt to choose only the best to share with others. A constant research in time to guarantee excellency for those who desire to enter in the magic world and to live it daily.

Taste and passion for luxury

Ballonera is when drinking becomes a dream. A luxurious dream where pleasure is the art of living choosing only the best. The spirit of Ballonera is to live and relive a seductive lifestyle all Italian style. The beauty culture and authentic quality.

Only what makes me die of pleasure

Ballonera is a sense of origin of a noble luxury, ironic and provocative where joy taste and emotions transmit the desire of enjoying every moment in life.

The magic of a crystal Venice

Ballonera tells about a city made of lights and atmosphere that you can only love throughout its images of an artist that has known to greet his real essence. Refinement, magic and glamour gives sensations and unique emotions.

The lightness of the bubbles

Ballonera tells us about the art of the bubbles in its magic frame of the city of Venice and art that expresses throughout the passion of an artist madly in love with this city and is able to involve us with strong emotions. His performances make us remember the fine elegance of precious bubbles in the Venetian atmosphere.

The passion for a dream

Ballonera is the art of mixing essence and taste creating excellent cocktails.
An art that represents the talent of a barlady in which her philosophy is that a perfect cocktail does not exist but the right one in each one of us. An elegant and seductive femininity enclosed in each creation.

Ballonera Membership

Ballonera is quality, taste and passion. made to possess an elegant and soffisticated visionary spirit. It’s the desire for lightness, for pleasure, and madness. It’s to belong to Venice and its lifestyle. Ballonera is glamour, a casket of jewels where you discover precious bubbles which are refined, distillated and liqueurs from classical objects.