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The art and alchemyof a cocktail

Dania Catto

Femininity, passion and talent are her basic characteristics. Ballonera chose Dania Catto, a young and talented barlady, because she was able to interpret the true visionary spirit of the brand. Due to her contribution, cocktails and original spritzes were created exclusively for Ballonera, mixing spirits, liqueurs and Prosecco. Due to the quality of all the products, the recipes for these cocktails and spritzes are excellent, original and excellent in any context. Discover them all on the blog.

Ballonera "articioco"

Clarified Sant’Erasmo artichoke extract, Vermouth Ballonera, acid solution, sugar syrup. Fill Prosecco Ballonera Extra-Dry.

Ballonera "carabao"

Gin Ballonera, mango extract, homemade mango syrup, lemon juice. Fill Prosecco Rosè Ballonera.

Ballonera "clover club"

Gin Ballonera, lemon juice, homemade raspberry syrup, raspberry liqueur, albumin.

Ballonera "Anisettini"

Vermouth Ballonera, Gin Ballonera, Sambuca Ballonera, orange bitter.

Ballonera "Violet collins"

Gin Ballonera, lemon juice, sugar syrup, homemade lavender soda.

Ballonera "Martini"

Gin Ballonera, Vermouth Extra-Dry.

Spritz Ballonera

Bitter Ballonera, Prosecco Extra-Dry Ballonera.

Spritz Aperol
Spritz Bergamot
Spritz Ginger
Spritz Mango with Peach and Strawberry
Spritz Cynar
Spritz Half and Half
and much more…

Ballonera "Negroni sbagliato"

Vermouth Ballonera, Bitter Ballonera, Prosecco Brut Ballonera.

Negroni Ballonera

Vermouth Ballonera, Gin Ballonera, Bitter Ballonera.

Gin tonic

Gin Ballonera, tonic water.

Ballonera "beauty and beast"

Bitter Ballonera, Gin Ballonera.

Ballonera "Lady in pink"

Gin Ballonera, Bitter Ballonera, homemade pink syrup and raspberry, albumin. Fill Prosecco Extra-Dry Ballonera.