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A dream with a Venetian name

Ballonera tells about the art of bubbles, the lightness of the spirit, sensual transparency, enclosed in precious Bubbles, precious distillated, with fine liquors from a glamoured soul. A casual conviviliaty balanced between pleasure and emotion, caracterized from an irresistible touch of chic. I choose Ballonera because I am happy with the things I love to death.

Lifestyle Ballonera

Ballonera has much more to offer than only a good drink. It has a visionary spirit, elegance, suffistication and unique in its own way, which sinks into its roots in a noble past made from merchants and courtesans. The most intriguing and intimate part of feeling like a venetian lies in the desire of lightness of pleasure, and of transgressive madness. Daring and unique as an irresistable prosecco

Glamour selections

Ballonera has selected bubbles distillated and liquors from an unmatched quality for those who choose the sweet life italian style. The greatest experience found in time from Ballonera has permitted to choose only the best productors. Guaranteeing originality and quality, indispensable characteristics for those who desire to distinguish from consent.


Ballonera is quality, beauty and culture in the fascinating timeless atmosphere of the city of Venice.